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rooCASE XTREME Super Foam Sleeve for Nexus 10


All joking aside, rooCASE  has upped the ante on tablet sleeves, and this is definitely the most intriguing one I’ve come across next to the Powerbag.  It’s a heavily reinforced sleeve with extra padding and stand capability.  It’s pretty interesting how it works, and I’m surprised I haven’t seen this before because it’s very practical.

Folio cases have definitely been the most popular cases for tablets, Nexus 10 included.  They offer tons of features and pockets and magnets, but they always left some part of your Nexus 10 exposed   Sure, they would fold shut, but they were more like a folder than a fully secured pouch.  rooCASE believes they have the answer figured out with this XTREME sleeve.

rooCASE XTREME Super Foam Sleeve for Nexus 10

On the inside of this sleeve, is super foam padding that’s extremely thicker than any other sleeves I’ve seen.  The idea is that you put your Nexus 10 in this, zip it up, and it’s very well protected.  The dual zippers allow complete 360 degree protection.  It’s not submersible, but definitely rain proof.  The exterior is nylon.

When you unzip this sleeve, you can spread it open and there’s brackets to hold your tablet in the landscape orientation.  This is extremely useful, and one of the killer features of folio cases.  rooCASE also threw in an extra front pocket for small accessories like cables and adapters.  The styling is great too, all the way down to the zipper design.

I really do like this sleeve, it’s definitely the most protective sleeve there is now, and the stand capability is the icing on the cake.

It’s currently on sale, so check it out today!

rooCASE XTREME Super Foam Sleeve for Nexus 10rooCASE XTREME Super Foam Sleeve for Nexus 10

2 thoughts on “rooCASE XTREME Super Foam Sleeve

  1. Reply D Beck Apr 7,2013 4:26 pm

    Thank you for the reviews on this website, there are not many resources out there based on finding accesories, and in particular, quality cases for the Nexus 10. You helped me find mine. Thank you.

  2. Reply calvinnbs Jun 12,2013 8:56 pm

    Didn’t you find the case a tad too narrow for the Nexus 10? I bought one and am debating returning it because there is NO padding touching the short ends of the tablet. They both push past the padding and rest on the zipper.

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