rooCASE Screen Protector 4-Pack

rooCASE Nexus 10 Screen Protectors


There’s not too much you don’t know about screen protectors at this point, but if yours are starting to get scratched and peeling a little bit on the edges, here’s a good deal to re-supply.  It’s a 4 pack of protectors from rooCASE, a popular Nexus 10 case manufacturer.  This special pack includes 2 crystal clear films, and 2 anti-glare films with a matte finish.

Like other high quality screen protectors, these adhere to your Nexus 10’s screen via static cling, as opposed to sticky residue-using solutions.  This allows you to accurately place the protector down as many times as you need to get an exact fit and get it lined up.


Installation is not that hard with screen protectors nowadays, as the film is usually pretty thick to easily maneuver and it won’t bubble up unless there’s dust or hair between the screen and film.  What I would do is go into the bathroom or somewhere with little to no dust.  Look for holes in the screen protector that you may want to line up with first.  If there are no holes, it won’t matter.  Get two pieces of scotch tape: one for your finger, and one for the protector.  The idea is to use one piece to collect dust on the screen, the other piece is stuck onto the film to lift it if you need to get more dust out or re-position the angle.

Start from one side, preferably a right or left side on the Nexus 10 because it’s going to be easier to handle the film.  Line up the film but don’t make contact yet until you have the edge of the film lined up perfectly with the side you’re starting with.  Keep making sure there’s no dust.  From there, just gently work your way down with the included squeegee card, making sure to get dust with your other piece of scotch tape.  With scotch tape, you get unlimited attempts to a perfect cling.  Just use the scotch tape to get the dust, don’t ever touch the screen or static side of the screen protector with your bare finger!  Finger oil will cause bubbles and there’s no fix.

For the price this 4 pack is being offered at, I would grab them now and have them ready for when your old ones wear out.

Get your pack today while they’re on sale!

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