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Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 10(Thanks KJ and Brent for sending this one in!)


Portenzo is one of the leading manufacturers of quality cases for premium devices.  Their solutions are designed and hand-crafted in the USA, and are built with natural woods and bookbinding cloth.  The good news is that they now have options available for the Nexus 10!

The BookCase from Portenzo is their most basic offer, but the quality of this case still puts it leaps and bounds ahead of most competitors.  With this particular case, Portenzo has hand-sanded a block of American Maple wood to fit your Nexus 10 perfectly.  The thickness and lightness of this wood combine to make a very protective, yet still portable case.  The corners of the wood have been sanded down to a smooth curve as well, adding to the ergonomic styling.  Portenzo wanted to capture the same feel as carrying a textbook around, and still be protected in a bookbag or briefcase.

Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 10

Each case is custom-built to your specifications, and it’s usually around a 14 day production time.  There are several different colors options you can configure for both the exterior and interior of your BookCase.  Some of the optional features include MagnaGrip to keep the front cover shut (the sleep/wake magnet for your Nexus 10’s screen is standard), an Intellistand, a camera opening, custom embossing’s, and the inclusion of a pro stylus with optional engraving itself.  The elastic band is a standard feature.

The Intellistand option allows your case to act as a stand in the landscape orientation for two different viewing angles, or a single vertical-oriented angle.  The camera opening option will clear a path for your rear camera to take pictures, but the flash will still be obscured.  In terms of color options, there are currently 7 different external colors, 10 interior colors, and 9 different elastic strap colors to choose from.

This case is well-built. manufactured and designed in the USA, and looks great.  It’ll easily blend in to its surroundings and turn some heads as well.  If you can wait a couple of weeks for shipping since these are custom-made for you, this would be a great pickup.

Go customize your Portenzo BookCase today!

Portenzo BookCase for Nexus 10

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  1. Reply Brent S Mar 6,2013 2:27 pm

    Thanks for naming me. For those that are interested in a more premium case there is also the Alano.

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