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Portenzo Alano Nexus 10 Case


The Portenzo Alano for the Nexus 10 is an absolutely exquisite case, designed to look like an ancient tome.  These cases are handcrafted in the USA from real American Maple wood.  A few days ago, we covered the little brother of the Alano, the BookCase, and were impressed.  The Alano adds a few more wrinkles to the exceptional case.

I can tell you from the jump that there’s no case out there for the Nexus 10 that has this one beat in the looks department.  The DODOcase comes close, especially when you compare the craftsmanship, but there’s no doubt this case was designed specifically for the Nexus 10.  They’re not all pictured here on this site, but on Portenzo’s site you can browse through the different designs, which there are eight of.  The picture above showcases a cartographic design.

Portenzo Alano Nexus 10 Case

The Alano is hand-crafted in the USA from American Maple wood and genuine leather.  This leather is imported from South America, and is absolutely unique.  No mass production involved, so every Alano case has its own leather fingerprint, essentially.  Portenzo also hand-distresses and hand-softens each sheet of leather.  You also get essential features and the options for more.  The Sleep/Wake magnet is standard, which is a boon for managing your screen’s uptime, thus conserving battery life.  The elastic band that keeps the case shut is double-glued that Portenzo claims will never come undone.

There are a few options you can add as well, such as IntelliStand which gives you two more viewing angles, and a camera access port for the rear camera to peek through.  You can also have your Alano embossed!  There’s also 7 colors to choose from for the elastic band.

There’s honestly no better looking case that I’ve seen, which is my own opinion of course, and there is a bit of a luxury price attached to this one.  If you care about your Nexus 10 and style, this is a good fit.  Since these are hand-made and greatly personalized, the turnaround time is about 21 days to complete the production, but you can have peace of mind you’re getting a great domestic product.

Go customize your’s today!

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  1. Reply Brent S Jan 1,2014 10:52 am

    I have had the Alano Tesoro since it’s rrelease date and it looks and smells as good, if not better, than it did wheni received it. It is a little expensive but it is well worth the money if you want to have the best looking case it there.

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