Noreve Nexus 10 Case Review 3

Noreve Nexus 10 Case

The particular style of case that I reviewed was the Sable Vintage option from the Exception Selection.

A few days ago, I received a review case from the nice folks at Noreve, and for the most part it has exceeded all of my expectations.  There’s only so much you can truly understand from poring over specifications and photos of a case.  I have over 5 years of experience working with different accessory types for mobile electronics such as tablets and mobile phones.  Noreve has something really special going on with these genuine leather cases, and I couldn’t imagine the actual quality of these until I placed it on my Nexus 10.

Noreve Nexus 10 Case

Because of some other projects I’ve been involved with, I’ve come across the packaging for Noreve’s cases in a few different scenarios, so I somewhat knew what to expect.  Noreve’s exquisite style definitely leaks into their packaging, which to me shows that the company is very interested in the overall customer experience.  A lot of times, cases will come in nondescript packaging that have been lightly heat-sealed or perhaps even stapled.  The box is designed like most high-end phone boxes are designed, with a top half that is fit so properly there is a bit of suction when lifting it.

When you open the box, you realize that you’re not quite done yet.  Noreve includes a very large bag with the case as well, closed with a pull-string system.  The bag is very thin and light and could serve as a complementary piece to your established travel bag.  This is another detail that Noreve has thought about to take complete control of your experience with their products.  Obviously, this bag won’t take the place of a good quality travel bag, but it’s a neat little token of appreciation from the French manufacturer.

Noreve Nexus 10 Case

As soon as I removed the case from the bag, I knew I had a genuine leather product.  It smelled like I had just stepped foot in a leather store that sells chain wallets, knives, leather jackets, and other motorcycle gear.  The smell isn’t overpowering at all, as you have to be close to get a good whiff of the genuine leather.  Some products overcompensate in the odor department and can smell a whole room up, but this was a nice and clean smell.  If that sounded very weird, I’m sorry.

The particular unit I received has a very soft, brown finish.  It looked weathered on the outside but is extremely soft to the touch.  The thing that jumped out at me the most was the padding this case utilizes.  Just from looking at pictures, you cannot really appreciate the feel of a case.  There is definitely padding that should keep your Nexus 10 very secure, even from small drops.  I would not hesitate to stick this case with my Nexus 10 in it, inside of a crammed briefcase with heavier objects.  It feels extremely safe in this case.

The Nexus 10 is gripped very securely by this case, almost too securely which I’ll get to later.  The sleep/wake magnet works like a charm as well and all ports and buttons are accessible.  It’s also important to note that there is definitely extra clearance by the pogo connector, which should allow the pogo charging cable to fit.

Noreve Nexus 10 Case

As stated in the specifications for the case, it is held shut without the use of magnets.  Instead, Noreve has designed a slightly curved latch that will grip to the top of your Nexus 10 similar to how the holding clips hold the Nexus 10 into the case.  It took some practice and perhaps a little bending of this latch for it to easily shut.  After a day of use, it was much easier to close it properly.

The case also has built-in stand functionality, like most other cases do.  I admit, it took a lot of attempts to figure out how to operate the stand properly, but once I figured it out it’s very simple.  When you receive your case, you’ll notice a crease in the back of the case that looks like it was possible bent up.  This is actually by design.  To utilize the stand, you have to free the holding clips from the bottom of the Nexus 10 in order to fold it back.  The bare Nexus 10 will sit in the designed grooves on the back of the front cover to hold itself in place.  The first attempt was brutal, but subsequent attempts, whether by practice or breaking in the case, were much easier.  You can actually get FIVE landscape positions out of the stand.

Noreve Nexus 10 Case


Noreve Nexus 10 Case

Overall, I’m very impressed with this case.  There’s not much it’s missing except a stylus loop and hand strap, but it absolutely makes up for it with the quality.  When I opened the packaging and first saw the case, I knew that this was quality stuff.  The secure fit and padding exceeded my expectations as well.  The only negatives, which at first was the holding latch and stand functionality, were put to rest with a better understanding of how it all worked.

These cases are currently available in a ton of different options from Noreve’s site, and they ship almost anywhere in the world for free.  If you’re looking for something elegant, functional, and protective, and don’t mind making a good investment, check out these cases at Noreve’s website!

Noreve Nexus 10 Case

3 thoughts on “Noreve Nexus 10 Case Review

  1. Reply JAD Feb 21,2013 11:02 am

    Congrats on receiving yours. I ordered mine from the Couture Selection back on 10-Jan and have yet to receive it. Be prepared to wait a long time with few shipping delays before you get your hands on this product.

    • Reply Jack Feb 21,2013 5:24 pm

      I’d definitely recommend following up with them. They ship from France so there’s a lot of variables involved, but they’re very helpful!

  2. Reply JAD Mar 7,2013 3:42 pm

    It took two months but, I got it. Came in yesterday. Quality case and responsive customer service. They are in demand.

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