Nexus 10 Smart Cover Case with Pouch

Nexus 10 Smart Cover Case
(Yes, that Nexus 10 is upside down)

EEEKit has made a smart cover case available domestically for the Nexus 10, offering a good neutral color to those on the fence.  It’s constructed from polyurethane and will give you basic protection from scuffs and scratches.  The main draw with this case is the size and wake/sleep ability which it does admirably.

EEEKit loves bundling other small accessories with their products to entice buyers, and for this particular case they’ve thrown in a small little pouch.  You can’t squeeze your Nexus 10 in there, but you can definitely throw some cables, an AC adapter, car charger, or stylus in there for safe-keeping.

Nexus 10 Smart Cover Case

Like other smart cover cases for the Nexus 10, you snap your tablet into the back of the case and the front flap is attached to that.  It’s basically a shell with the fold-able, protective cover that also acts as a stand when folded. With these cases a lot of readers have brought up the fact that the securing strap might get in the way of the screen.  Judging from the pictures, it looks like it’s short and rigid enough where it shouldn’t be an issue.

Check one of these smart covers out today, as they’re priced pretty good compared to its competitors.

Nexus 10 Smart Cover CaseNexus 10 Smart Cover Case

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