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Nexus 10 Pogo Dock(Thanks Ken for letting us know about this one!)

UPDATE 6/21/13: Now available on eBay as well! 

For quite some time now, Nexus 10 owners everywhere have been awaiting a pogo dock for their tablet.  While there’s still no word on an official solution, there is now a third party one available to purchase that has built in a magnetic Nexus 10 pogo cable into a custom-designed stand to create what a lot of us have been waiting for.

These Nexus 10 Pogo Stands are handmade, and finally offer Nexus 10 users a way to dock their Nexus 10 and charge it 25% faster via the pogo connectors.  As you know, playing a game or watching HD video can sometimes drain your battery faster than the micro USB charger can keep up with.  With this solution, you can dock your Nexus 10 and not worry about the charger not being able to keep up.  The Nexus 10 will sit firmly in the dock and will also be assisted by the magnetic connection.

Nexus 10 Pogo Dock

As you may have experienced with some phones and other devices in the past, it’s easy to accidentally strip out or break your micro USB port if you yank on the cord or force it in upside down accidentally.  While this dock can’t transfer any sort of data, it completely preserves your micro USB port because you won’t be putting any wear on it except for when you do need to transfer data.

Since this dock is homemade, there are some caveats that are purely aesthetic such as the plugged audio input.  These will have absolutely no hinderance on the abilities of this dock, as its purely to be used as a stand and pogo charging solution, which it’s the best at.  The front of this dock will end up having a slightly different texture on the front compared to the back, so keep that in mind as well.

Bottom line: if you don’t mind some aesthetic blemishes and just want a dock that’s the only pogo dock available, this is what you’re looking for.  There may be a slight delay when ordering, so if you want a time estimate you can contact the seller before you place your order.

If you’re interested in the dock, there’s two ways you can get your hands on one:

Get yours today!

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3 thoughts on “Nexus 10 Pogo Dock

  1. Reply David Williams Aug 21,2013 3:45 pm

    I bought a Nexus 10 pogo charger from the maker. It was shipped to the UK and works really really well. It certainly looks well made and charges my Nexus 10 quicker than via the micro USB. Ten out of ten.

  2. Reply Andyj Aug 23,2013 4:00 am

    Another slot at the back to hold a HD through the OTG port extension would hand this serious sales.

  3. Reply Cliff Summerskill Jul 2,2014 11:12 am

    Is this available in the UK? If so at what cost? If not can it be imported (and also at what cost). Kind regards. CS

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