Nexus 10 Pogo Charger Now Available! 12

Nexus 10 Pogo Cable

(Thanks for the tip Stuart!) 

A company from Korea called MagNector has created a pogo charging cable for the Nexus 10, and it’s now available in the United States.  This cable will plug in to your existing AC adapter to charge up your Nexus 10’s battery.

A reader of ours, Jim, did research on the matter of charging speed vs. the traditional microUSB connector.  What he found was quicker charging times, with the pogo cable charging his Nexus 10 from 10% to 91% in 4 hours.  With the microUSB cable connected to the AC adapter, he went from 10% to 74% in the same time-frame.  He did find, however, that while using the Nexus 10 with either cable, it didn’t charge the Nexus 10 any faster.

This is a very, nice-looking cable that is almost a necessity for any heavy users of their Nexus 10.  There’s no other way to charge it any faster than with this cable.

You can get the pogo charger here!


12 thoughts on “Nexus 10 Pogo Charger Now Available!

  1. Reply Rob Jan 25,2013 6:11 am

    I was hoping for a cable that would allow me to use the nexus 10 without discharging while using it. I guess I’ll wait to see what Google does.

  2. Reply Julio Jan 25,2013 9:11 am


    This is great news, but do you know any time frame for UK?



  3. Reply Shannon Jan 25,2013 12:17 pm

    Does it come with a power connector or just the USB? If I have to buy a power connector to plug this in, which one for power in the US?


  4. Reply Preston Jan 28,2013 5:47 pm

    Got mine today from amazon seller. I received it very quickly and I’m 100% happy with it so far 🙂

  5. Reply Aaron Jan 29,2013 9:44 pm

    Got mine today! Works great! Used Google Now to tracking the shipping any everything! Very fast!

  6. Reply Shannon Jan 29,2013 10:38 pm

    Got mine yesterday. Works well, but I’m unhappy with how hot the wall wart gets. I’ve tried two. One from Amazon and the original from El Goog. Both get too hot in my opinion.

    Anyone know of a wall wart that doesn’t get pretty warm with this thing?

  7. Reply Jim Jan 31,2013 7:40 am

    If you happen to have an extra USB charger around (I have used nexus 7, and phone charger) I have found by using both at the same time you can increase charge by 10% /hr during use, and 20%/hr when inactive!

  8. Reply andrzej May 12,2013 6:17 am

    I have been in possession of the pogo cable for 4 months , it has been a very good replacement to original usb cable. I thing I particularly dislike is the housing size, it should have been decresed in width to minimum to make it not sticking out that much and the cable itself should have been angled by 90 degrees

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