Nexus 10 Essentials

For those of you who have just got your Nexus 10, congratulations!  It truly is a wonderful devices, and there’s a lot of accessories already available for it.  This website is constantly updated with new, compatible accessories too, so feel free to bookmark us and keep checking back.

If you just got your Nexus 10, check out a few of our Best Of articles:

If you’re looking for keyboards that will work with the Nexus 10, check out another site on our network:  There are tons of keyboards that should work with the Nexus 10.

If you were interested in a keyboard case for your new tablet, we also have a Best Of article over there that covers most, if not all, the keyboard cases currently available for the Nexus 10:

If you’re wondering what that port is at the bottom of your Nexus 10, those are pogo pins.  The Nexus 10 doesn’t come with a pogo charger, but the good news is that one just became available.

Keep checking back for the latest accessory news, sales, and much more.  And again, congratulations on owning the hottest new tablet on the market!

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