MoKo Ultra Slim Smart Shell for Nexus 10 7

MoKo Ultra Light Nexus 10 Smart Shell

Here’s another great offering from MoKo that gives you smart cover capabilities in a very thin and light package.  A lot of times, if you want the stand and smart cover functionality, you must opt for a larger leather folio case.  MoKo has delivered this solution instead.

The Ultra Slim Smart Shell from MoKo for the Nexus 10 is a hardback shell combined with a premium quality synthetic leather cover.  You basically just snap your Nexus 10 in, and the cover acts as both a stand and protective flap.  When utilizing it as a stand, you have 2 different angles to work with.  One angle supports typing on slight decline, the other angle is more upright and is meant for content and media consumption.  It only supports both angles from the landscape orientation.

MoKo Ultra Light Nexus 10 Smart Shell

When you’re not using the stand functionality, the cover just folds over the screen and puts it to sleep via the sleep/wake magnet.  When you open the cover, the Nexus 10 will know to automatically wake up, keeping you from constantly pressing the power button on the top of your device.  The interior of the case is lined with a no-scratch microfiber material that not only protects your screen, but can be used to slightly wipe away smudges that pop up.

MoKo also offers a Lifetime Warranty with this case!

Go check these out today, and check prices for all colors because some are deeply discounted!

MoKo Ultra Light Nexus 10 Smart Shell in Blue MoKo Ultra Light Nexus 10 Smart Shell in Black MoKo Ultra Light Nexus 10 Smart Shell in Orange MoKo Ultra Light Nexus 10 Smart Shell in Pink MoKo Ultra Light Nexus 10 Smart Shell in Red MoKo Ultra Light Nexus 10 Smart Shell in Grey

7 thoughts on “MoKo Ultra Slim Smart Shell for Nexus 10

  1. Reply AF Mar 3,2013 12:20 pm

    They cannot be shipped to Canada and are unavailable on Amazon’s Canadian website

  2. Reply LH Mar 6,2013 9:36 am

    I’ll first admit, I might have a problem – and this website is a huge contributor. I currently have the MoKo case, the White Smart Cover case, and the Blurex portfolio style case. The MoKo was the last one of the 3 I bought, having not been impressed with the other 2, and has been on my tablet every day since. The White Smart Cover is a little bit lighter, but feels much flimsier. I really don’t like the strap at the top that you have to fold over, as the folding causes it to disconnect from the body. Mine is still attached, but peeling quite noticeably. The MoKo is the perfect design with no additional parts, just one nice solid piece that closes via a magnet on the case, rather than a strap that attaches to it. The portfolio style case is just too thick and adds too much bulk, plus taking up a ton of room with the way it stands on the lid rather than folding up behind it.

    Moral of the story, get the MoKo if you want a well built, light,perfectly fitting case that will protect your nexus 10.

  3. Reply MC Mar 8,2013 12:06 am

    It’s kind of hard to see in the pictures but does this case completely cover the Pogo port?

  4. Reply Serg Mar 13,2013 1:28 pm

    Got the black one a few days ago right after Nexus 10 delivery. It fits and looks great so far! Almost looks like an iPad – my girlfriend has iPad 4 with Apple case – the look almost identically when closed 🙂

  5. Reply Michael Mar 20,2013 6:39 pm

    on the side not tho, it will cover the pogo port in case someone wonder.

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