MiniSuit TPU Skin Cover

MiniSuit TPU Cover for Nexus 10


Here is another basic TPU silicone gel cover for the Nexus 10, and it’s currently available at a great price.  There are currently four colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Grey, and Pink.

These days, tablets are built to be very light and thin.  Portability is a huge factor when a lot of people choose a tablet.  With a case like this for your Nexus 10, it will maintain its lightweight and slim profile.  The material that MiniSuit has used with this cover is durable, easy to grip, and tear-resistant.  It stretches around the back and sides of your tablet, keeping it safe from scratches and very small impacts or drops.

MiniSuit TPU Cover for Nexus 10

There are cut-outs where there need to be cut-outs, including the charging port, headphone jack, Micro HDMI port, volume rocker, power button, camera, and pogo port.

This isn’t an overly rugged case, but is perfect for the minimalist or someone who just needs a light cover and nothing too heavy duty.  For the price, I think it’s a great pickup, even for something you may not always use.  The case is so easy to put on and pull back off, that you can easily switch between it and a folio case depending on where you’re going or what you’re doing.

Go check this sale today!

MiniSuit TPU Cover for Nexus 10MiniSuit TPU Cover for Nexus 10

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