MiniSuit 360 ORBIT Nexus 10 Case

MiniSuit 360 ORBIT Nexus 10 Case


The MiniSuit 360 ORBIT Case is a completely rotational, leather folio cover for the Nexus 10 that allows it to be stood in both landscape and portrait orientations.  This case is very similar to other cases on the market with similar functionality, and MiniSuit has changed their rendition up a little bit with some nice extra features.

The exterior of the case is covered with a synthetic leather made of lightweight, premium polyurethane.  The interior is lined with a soft microfiber like most cases of this style are.  Combined, your Nexus 10 won’t get scratched or scuffed from the inside, and the exterior will absorb most shocks and bumps that may occur during something like a commute.  The folio is held shut by an elastic band rather than a latch or magnet.

MiniSuit 360 ORBIT Nexus 10 Case

The 360 rotational function of the stand allows for three different angles, including landscape and portrait, which is the main special feature of this case.  MiniSuit has also thrown in the Sleep/Wake magnet to turn your Nexus 10 screen off and on when closing and opening the case, as well as a stylus loop so you won’t lose your stylus.  Like the other cases as well, you also get port cut-outs and button cut-outs for full operability.

MiniSuit is a pretty decent brand, but you do pay a little extra for that branding compared to similar cases available.  I think it’s worth the little bit extra to get a reputable product, however, as a lot of these style cases are from random vendors.

These are currently on sale, so grab one today!

MiniSuit 360 ORBIT Nexus 10 CaseMiniSuit 360 ORBIT Nexus 10 Case

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