i-design Nexus 10 Book Shell Case 1

i-design Book Shell Nexus 10 Case


i-design is the next company to come to the Nexus 10 leather folio game with their own modest offering at a very good price.

This folio case is loaded with most of the features you come to expect, but I see no mention of a sleep/wake magnet.  I do see a hand strap and stylus loop, which is not a guarantee on other similar cases.  The case also has stand functionality that allows for at least 2 viewing angles.

i-design Book Shell Nexus 10 Case

The case is constructed of polycarbonate and its exterior is draped with Litch Grain polyurethane leather, which touts a light weight and total impact and scratch protection.  The interior is lined with a soft microfiber like most other cases are, which is good for not scratching your screen and rubbing your fingers on when you’re stressed out.

They’ve also designed a gap into the back of the case which will allow your camera to be usable, and the claws that hold the Nexus 10 in place will not cover any buttons or ports.

This is a good case for the price, and there’s not much difference between it and similar cases offered for slightly higher prices.  If you don’t mind the questionable font choice they used for the logo which is emblazoned on the bottom right corner, I say jump in!

Check this one out today!

i-design Book Shell Nexus 10 Casei-design Book Shell Nexus 10 Casei-design Book Shell Nexus 10 Case

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  1. Reply eyecue Feb 16,2013 5:15 am

    Looks like the same as the i-blason case, identical except for the logo.

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