Esme Form-fit Neoprene Sleeves for Nexus 10

Esme Form-fitting Nexus 10 Neoprene Sleeve

Here are some minimalistic sleeves I dug up today that are form-fitted for the Nexus 10.  They’re made and designed by a company called Esme and they’re available in 3 different colors: Black, Red, and Blue.

This sleeve incorporates velcro for all of its compartments and pockets, which is good for the minimalistic approach, but I do prefer zippers.  I will say that zippers have their downside, such as getting the interior lining caught in its teeth and being stuck forever, but velcro has its purpose.  For one, it’s quicker to seal a velcro pocket than zipping a zipper all the way across or around the lip of the sleeve.  Velcro is also lighter than metal zippers when you include the handle and track.

Esme Form-fitting Nexus 10 Neoprene Sleeve

But enough about velcro and zippers, because this case is custom-fit for the Nexus 10.  Like most other sleeves, the interior is also lined with a very soft material so your Nexus 10’s screen and back will be protected from scuffs and nicks.  It doesn’t seem like this sleeve has tons of padding, but there’s definitely some thickness.  You might not be able to drop your Nexus 10 in this sleeve, but it should be safe inside of a briefcase, backpack, or laptop bag.

There’s also no shoulder strap, so keep in mind this sleeve is very minimal and basic in terms of features.  The trade-off is a very slick-looking sleeve.  You do get a pocket in the front, however, for cables and other small accessories you may have with you.

I like that it’s form-fitted for the Nexus 10, and if you’re on the prowl for something basic that’s not loaded down with hundreds of pockets and straps…and zippers, this is worth checking out.

Check out more pictures and order if you like what you see!

Esme Form-fitting Nexus 10 Neoprene Sleeve in Blue Esme Form-fitting Nexus 10 Neoprene Sleeve Esme Form-fitting Nexus 10 Neoprene Sleeve in Red

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